Video Fabienne Verdier – The songs of the stars

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Video Fabienne Verdier – The song of the stars
Exhibition presentation

The exhibition looks at Fabienne Verdier’s art in a new way, in juxtaposition with the work of the great masters at the Musée Unterlinden. It bears witness to the artist’s encounter between 2019 and 2022 with the museum’s masterpieces, including the Isenheim Altarpiece (1512-1516). Designed in two stages, the exhibition initially presents a selection of significant works by the artist, painted between 2006 and 2018, in dialogue with chosen works of historic and modern art. It continues in the Ackerhof exhibition gallery, presenting the monumental Rainbows installation (76 paintings) and the Great Vortex of Unterlinden (polyptych). Created in the context of the 2020 pandemic, it likens the end of life in humans to the fate of the stars: by portraying the aura of light created by the death of stars, Fabienne Verdier approaches the representation of death as an energy transmitted to the living.

Interviews : Frédérique Goerig-Hergott, curotor of the exhibition and Fabienne Verdier, artist
Realisation : Sébastien Saugues

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