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Page last updated : 07 - 04 - 2011

Publication: Le Temps des Bains à Colmar

Unterlinden/Fage Editions

In the museum's plans for expansion, the façade, spaces, and structural elements of the Unterlinden pool will remain conserved, but the image will be largely transformed in the renovation process. Prior to the museum expansion project, the showers, booths, and the basin itself as well as the remnants of the Roman baths were deteriorating and there was an urgent need to conserve and preserve the memory of this place, very dear to the Colmarians. In 2009, the opportunity arose with the help of photographer Marie Dréa, whose work was focusing on the industrial wasteland of Steinheil in the Bruche valley. Having lived 20 years in Alsace, Marie Dréa takes a particular interest in the memory of our region, and her photography shows the history and decline in long series. This approach peaked our desire to conserve the history of the deteriorating, empty baths before the demolition. Having preserved this fragile past of this cherished space, it can move forward toward a prestigious future.


Under the direction of Frédérique Goerig-Hergott, curator of musée Unterlinden

Fage éditions, 112 pages, 20€

The publication was realized by the Société Schongauer with financial support from the City of Colmar and from Crédit Mutuel Bartholdi in Colmar.


Authors Frédérique Goerig-Hergott, Francis Lichtlé, David Le Breton

Photographies des Bains en 2010, Marie Dréa


Publication: Le Temps des Bains à Colmar

Le Temps des Bains Colmar