Photographic Adventures – Adolphe Braun

From 17 February to 14 May 2018, the Musée Unterlinden in Colmar will be presenting Photographic Adventures – Adolphe Braun, based on an exhibition created by the Stadtmuseum in Munich.

Visitors will be able to discover more than 200 photographs, complemented by around twenty paintings by renowned artists. In partnership with the Munich Stadtmuseum, the museum decided to reveal the immense interest of this archive to the public, experts and enthusiasts.

Alongside the prints, original glass negatives will also be on display, most of them from the Musée Unterlinden’s Braun archive, bringing a crucial stage in analogue photography into focus by revealing these intermediate artefacts between the act of photographing and the print.

Curators of the exhibition

Musée Unterlinden: Raphaël Mariani, adjunct curator – Musée Unterlinden, responsible for the historic photographic collections, with the assistance of Casey Ackermann.
Münchner Stadtmuseum: Ulrich Pohlmann, director of the photographic collection – Münchner Stadtmuseum, Paul Mellenthin, researcher attached to the University of Basel.