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Advantages for Cercle members

How to join the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden


By joining the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden, you directly associate your company’s image with the unique spirit and broadening appeal of the prestigious Musée Unterlinden, an institution boasting one of the highest attendance figures of all regional fine arts museums in France.


Various annual membership levels for patrons joining the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden are available, ranging from €2,500 to €50,000, each of which offers specific benefits. Larger companies may therefore partner with smaller ones, uniting around a shared cultural project so as to reach new audiences.


Founded in connection with the museum’s major expansion project annexing the premises of Colmar’s former municipal baths, the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden will have its headquarters, responsible for overseeing its numerous public relations and promotional activities, in this redesigned edifice.


Available for download: Membership form for the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden


Membership benefits 


Beyond the importance of your company’s commitment to supporting cultural institutions, your membership in the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden offers the advantages of a win-win partnership, in line with your corporate strategy.


In order to best meet your company’s expectations, membership benefits offered by the Musée Unterlinden are determined by mutual agreement between you and the museum, depending on your sponsorship amount and in accordance with the legal framework set forth by the Law of 1 August 2003 as well as tax regulations.


Membership benefits involve three aspects: communications, receptions and invitations.




The Musée Unterlinden is able to prominently feature your company’s name and logo on all its printed and electronic materials or in connection with your sponsorship of a specific museum event or project: on the museum’s website, in the museum entrance hall, and on all communications materials.


You may also arrange to have your company’s name and logo featured on media specifically developed for the sponsored event or project.


Of course, you are also permitted to refer to your membership in the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden in connection with your own corporate communications efforts, make use of images in the public domain for non-commercial purposes, etc.




As a member of the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden, you can raise the profile of your company by organising special events on the museum premises.

On an exceptional basis, the cloister, the lapidarium, or the museum entrance hall may be made available for a private reception.


Cocktail parties, business meals, gala evenings: the museum provides a relaxed atmosphere naturally conducive to the exchange of ideas between you and your preferred partners. You can impress your clients with gala receptions in an unusual setting: the Musée Unterlinden can serve as a prestigious backdrop for special evening events hosted by members of the Cercle des Mécènes. 


In addition, the museum’s team of curators may, if you so desire, lead your group on a guided, private tour of the collections. From traditional to innovative visits – permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, restoration workshop – experience for yourself and discover with others the museum as you have never seen it before!




Lastly, we would also be happy to give you preferred access to the museum’s temporary exhibitions by offering invitations to exhibition previews and other events at the museum, allowing you to discover or rediscover our collections, by supplying a certain number of free admission passes.


Previews of temporary exhibitions, the prestigious concert each year on Good Friday in the museum chapel, the annual gala held by the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden – all these events provide opportunities to get together as a company, or to greet and entertain your preferred clients.



For any further information, please contact:

Violène Verduron


Tel.: +33 (0)3 89 20 10 30

Fax: +33 (0)3 89 41 26 22


Advantages for Cercle members

Concert during the annual gala held by the Cercle des Mécènes Unterlinden, Musée Unterlinden, Colmar.