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20th century

The museum is growing


Since the end of June 2012, a vast expansion project has been launched. Most of the museum’s modern art collections are being stored outside the premises while the work is under way. The modern and contemporary collections won’t be available to the public until summer 2014.


Only few works of art are currently presented:

- In the cloister, Le Grand Christ by Denis Monfleur

- On the first floor, Jean Dubuffet's Don Coucoubazar


By Automn 2015, the visitors will be able to visit the modern and contemporary art collections in the redesigned municipal baths, in the underground gallery as well as in the new building created by the renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron.


For a number of years, and in keeping with its development objectives, the Musée Unterlinden in Colmar has organised acquisitions and events based on aspects of its own collections and relating to the leading figures and major milestones of contemporary artistic creation. The museum’s current expansion project will double its size as it annexes the premises of the former municipal baths and adds an entirely new building. All of its collections of art from the 20th and 21st centuries will finally be able to be presented to the public. Accordingly, opportunities to develop these holdings have been actively explored: among spectacular recent additions are the bequest of the collection of Jean-Paul Person (1927–2008) as well as the gift of an important grouping of 124 works by the American painter Joe Downing (1925–2007).

20th century

View of the Salle d’Art Moderne (modern art gallery), Musée Unterlinden, Colmar.